NASA’s Cassini Probe Takes One Last Pass at Saturn’s Ice Moon, Dione

NASA’s Cassini Probe Takes One Last Pass at Saturn’s Ice Moon, Dione
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Take one last look at Dione, Earth, because Cassini is about to embark on its final chapter.

Earlier this week, NASA’s interplanetary peeping tom, Cassini, made its final up-close encounter with one of Saturn’s most enigmatic satellites, the tiny ice moon, Dione. This latest approach came—in an impressive feat of cosmic navigation—within only 295 miles of Dione’s surface. To put that number in some context, it’s only slightly more than the distance between Boston and Philadelphia (an earlier approach came within only 60 miles).

While Cassini has had four previous up-close meet-and-greets with the ice moon, much still remains unknown.

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Climate change is worsening California’s drought, study finds
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A new study, published in the American Geophysical Union on Thursday said that climate change is partly responsible for California’s worsening drought. The study finds that California could face nearly permanent drought conditions by the second half of the century.

Researchers said that humans are responsible between 8% to 27% of the drought. John Abatzoglou, the University of Idaho climate researcher said that without heat-trapping greenhouse emissions causing temperatures to rise, the drought would have been 8% to 27% less severe than it is. The drought is worsening as the extra heat is drawing moisture out of plants and soil, leading to dryness. The study finds that the temperature is set to increase in California over the next few decades.

“A lot of people think that the amount of rain that falls out of the sky is the only thing that matters,” said lead author A. Park Williams, a bioclimatologist at Colombia University.

Researchers found that statewide average temperatures have been rising steadily — about 2.5 degrees in the 114 years the scientists studied. Williams and his team made their predictions, after they evaluated the drought and weather conditions at 23,955 locations throughout California. The team analyzed the temperature, humidity, wind, precipitation and solar radiation for each month over the last 120 years. The study has been published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.</……………. continues on The Next Digit

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