Nations reach climate accord

Nations reach climate accord
News from Boston Globe:

Christiana Figueres of the UN and Manuel Pulgar-Vidal of Peru celebrated a deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

LIMA — International negotiators have reached a climate change agreement that would, for the first time in history, commit every nation to reducing its rate of greenhouse gas emissions. But the deal still falls far short of its stated goal of averting the dangerous and costly early impact of global warming.

The agreement reached early Sunday by delegates from 196 countries establishes a framework for a climate change accord to be signed by world leaders in Paris next year.

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It requires every nation to put forward, during the next six months, a detailed domestic policy plan to limit its emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases from burning coal, gas, and oil. Those plans would form the basis of the accord to be signed next December and enacted by 2020.

That basic structure represents a breakthrough in the impasse that has plagued the United Nations’ 20 years of efforts to create a serious global warming deal.

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Why Birds Exist Without Teeth
News from Bio & Tech Insights:

Birds do not have teeth, just like turtles, baleen whales, and anteaters. However, this situation did not always exist. According to a new study, birds were known to have teeth about 116 million years ago. The study included the researchers analyzing the modern birds and the mutated remains of their tooth genes so that they could figure out why adentulism, i.e. the absence of teeth, was developed in these birds.

While the fossil record of ancient birds is very minor and fragmented, the genes of the modern birds can vastly help I clarifying why such a change happened in the lineage of birds as the time passed. According to one of the researchers in the study, the DNA is a great tool for understanding the evolutionary history in a better manner.

While modern birds do not have teeth, they do have a good digestive tract and curved beaks that assist in helping then to process and grind foods. However, in 1862, some of the researchers found a fossil of the bird called Archaeopteryx in Germany, and this fossil suggested that the birds have descended from reptile ancestors that in fact had teeth. Now, scientists are aware that the birds have evolved from the theropod dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus rex. These dinosaurs had immensely sharp teeth.

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